Bettina’s Social Club LIVE Kick-off Tasting Event, July 10, 2017 at Duke’s Chowder House on Lake Union

Connecting amazing, like-minded friends for fun-filled foodie tours… savouring Seattle’s finest signature dishes, indulging in hand-crafted cocktails & spirits, and imbibing in award-winning wine & beer pairings.

Thanks to Pankaj Nath, along with a few other friends, I am kicking off a new foodie themed social club …Bettina’s Social Club, to bring together like-minded people together to have lip-smacking, great food, good fun, to get to know one another, make a difference, and to bring joy into all of our lives.

After years on a hiatus from hosting large scale events I was inspired by an imromptu gathering at Duke’s where we all got to talking about how much fun it was to meet up, nosh and meet like-minded friends. Coincidently I had been dreaming of creating a gathering that included networking and tasting that could occur anywhere in the world, coast to coast, or right here in my own backyard.

Not sure what, where or when we will continue to meet, but this much I know… I am open to any discovery that includes great food venues where large gatherings are possible, and where our group can be treated to VIP service, savor signature dishes, indulge in hand-crafted cocktails, award-winning wine & beer pairings, or imbibe in a stiff drink that features a spirit that is to die for!

I am specifically looking for venues that are loved by locals and travelers alike. Call me with any suggestions at: 206-349-4297 for culinary adventures in Seattle and on the Eastside.

If you represent a restaurant, bar scene, live music venue, specialty food store, distillery, winery, brewery, spa, cruise, museum, caterer, or you believe that you have the ultimate foodie desitnation and you would like to book an event with us, give me a call to discuss details, theme and format.

The main benefits to you includes reaching influential business professionals and foodies to introduce your new restaurant, venue, club, food product or specialty store to and have an opportunitiy to turn them into loyal fans.

I look forward to sharing some of my favorite culinary hot spots with those of you that can join in the fun! 😉

Join Us for our Bettina’s Social Club LIVE Kick-off Tasting Event!

When: July 10, 2017, Monday

Where: Duke’s Chowder House on Lake Union

Time: 3pm – 7pm; or until the stragglers have gone home

Cost: All Drinks & Beverages on your own! Happy Hour (3pm – 6pm)

RSVP: 206-349-4297


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