Do you or your institution have a book in mind, but you never seem to find the time to sit down and write? Don’t know how to start or what topic to write about? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Read what Duke Moscrip of Duke’s Chowder House had to say about working with me on his new cookbook, As Wild As It Gets . . . Duke’s Secret Sustainable Seafood Recipes.”

“For the last several years I have often wished that I had put down into words the many stories that have been woven into the fabric of Duke’s Chowder House, as well as to include the many tasty recipes that have been inspired by my quest to serve the very best food on the planet. But year and year would go by without the time to do so. When I finally came to the conclusion that the time was now a lot of things fell into place.

It all started when I was approached by our Marketing Director, Bettina Carey, with a question. She asked, “Have you ever wanted to write a cookbook?” Well, “What a coincidence,” I said. So, the journey began to produce the long awaited cookbook.

At the center of the whole process was Bettina, the leader of the pack, aka Producer, Art Director, Food Stylist…the list of her hats grows daily. Together she and other very talented people drove me and the project beyond my own known limits. She held the vision to its fruition, guiding each and every detail. Her enthusiasm and joy is what brought this project to completion. She navigated the ship, herded cats at times, and reminded us of what was needed to be done every step of the way. Without her determination and guidance the project would not have  been successful!” (page 16)

Turn your institutional memories into a riveting memoir, your recipes into a an award-winning cookbook or your inspirational personal story into a “must read” book. Call TODAY: 206-349-4297!

Principal Photographer, Ingrid Pape-Sheldon

Principal Graphic Designer, Aileen Yost

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Produced and Directed by Bettina Carey Productions

Produced by Bettina Carey Productions and Directed by Georgio Brown Productions

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