Bettina Carey Rebooted!

As many of you may know, beginning in the Spring of 2013 I began the journey of working with CEO & Founder, Duke Moscrip of Duke’s Chowder House, in the role of Marketing Director. In 2014, I started transforming his memories into his memoir and seafood cookbook. As Art Director, Producer and Food Stylist I helped envision and bring to fruition Duke’s new cookbook, “As Wild As It Gets . . . Duke’s Secret Sustainable Seafood Recipes.”. In my final year as Publicist, I oversaw the publishing and publicity of the book, garnering earned media locally, regionally and nationally.

Highlights of my tenure included cruising with Duke, Executive Chef, “Wild” Bill Ranniger and his son as well as Michele Edwards who was also able to join us on the Holland America Cruise to Alaska with the South West Historical Society & AAA, traveling to Maui with our photographer, Ingrid Pape-Sheldon, as well as attending Publicity Training by Steve Harrison in New York last year. I even got to go to China with our print broker, Bob Bracht, and graphic designer, Aileen Yost, to oversee the 2nd printing of Duke’s cookbook which was an amazing cultural adventure. Along the way I worked with a really cool team and cannot even begin to share the gratitude that is in my heart for the team, the brand and Duke.

After nearly four years working with the Duke’s Chowder House brand exclusively, which was a huge opportunity and one that I am so grateful to have experienced, I am back and better than ever before!

I look forward to sharing more details about this unique client and the impact that the work has had on my own personal brand and how it has expanded my expertise as well as the impact the journey has had on my life. Stay tuned…:)

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