At the time I initially started writing my book I had been on a soap box crying out about the inequities as it related to women in the work place and women in business for a good part of my life. Many of the people that I had spoken to would refer to this inequity as the proverbial “glass ceiling.” What I observed year over year were real stories of real women who did not experience parity in the workplace or as it related to growing their small businesses. In fact, I too was struggling to run my small business.

But when I started talking to both men and women about the original title: “It’s A Man’s World: How Successful Women Win In It,” I got push back from both men and, surprisingly, from women too. They seemed to point out that in fact, although there were inequities still around the globe related to the “glass ceiling” that they identified that it was their own self-imposed limitations that stopped or blocked them from achieving success. Yes, it was, in part, the women themselves that stood in their way of success. Aha! There it was, the truth, or at the very least a part of my truth.

After dwelling on the possibility that there might just be something to the notion that our own blocks might be at the helm of the “glass ceiling” problem I began to work on my mind-set, specifically working on having the courage to ask for what I wanted in business, leadership, love and life and what do you know, I got more than I expected.

When I briefly worked at a bank I invited both men and women to the table for loans and yep, men showed up in large number and only a few women found their way to the same opportunity. I had in fact invited more women than men as I know more women than men, but it was the men who came in with very little convincing and consequently they transacted tens of thousands of dollars more.

The excuses ranged from “I’m not ready yet,” to “I’m not prepared yet, to “I’m not sure I have good enough credit,” and one woman even said, “I don’t have time as I have to get my nails done.”  It was like the men and the women were in two different paradigms.

The timing for uncovering the truth couldn’t have been better. I was preparing to produce my first LIVE! Annual Women’s EmPOWERment Summit and I was an active female leader in the Seattle area. After discussing the topic with a radio host, Mike Siegal, he came up with a suggestion that the “glass ceiling” is a myth, and then everything fell into place.

The title to this book became: “Breaking Through Your Own Glass Ceiling: Unlocking Your Full and Hidden Potential With Your Master Key (TM)”. Tada!

My first goal to kick off 2020 was to put pen to paper and author my soul’s journey of “breaking through” my own self-limiting beliefs and to include feature stories from some of the women in my life.

The book is a shared memoir of a dozen women whose souls intersect in their quest to become master communicators, to speak pro-actively and to listen empathetically in ways that command respect and trust.

The stories encompass tragedy to triumph as told by me, my master teachers/mentors and mentees who have broken through their own glass ceilings with their master keys (modalities, mantras, lessons, teachings, sayings, and more) and that have helped unlock the jail to which they held the key.

“Breaking Through” is broken down into four parts: 1) business, 2) leadership, 3) love, and 4) life! Each chapter has a beautiful image and a powerful quote to open the chapter. Each part is not contiguous so that you can read any part of the book at any time. It will also include exercises to log or journal notes to self.

The book begins with a dedication to my granddaughter Lilith who will carry on the torch when I leave this earth. It’s a story of empowering women, but men will benefit and contribute to it.

The art has been licensed from the heirs of one of my favorite artists, Laurel Burch, who sadly passed away in her forty’s.

Each chapter title is relatable. The quotes are iconic. The book also includes the work of Marian York, who sadly passed in 2007, and to whom I promised that I would keep her work alive in perpetuity and I’m finally going to get to live into that promise.

My launch party is also being planned to coincide with the LIVE! Annual Women’s EmPOWERment Summit 20/20 Vision event in Seattle June 10, 2020. Save the date! There is a possibility that the Summit will naturally roll into a 3-day event. The Summit is an event that I have successfully produced in the years past.

The goal this time around is to inspire an uprising of female empowerment by producing a decade of summits around the world beginning in Seattle where I reside.

My BIG wish is that Mel Robbins joins the journey as keynoter on this 10-city, 10-year journey!

I am envisioning having the book and the Summit fully funded so that I may travel in March to Kowloon, just outside of Hong Kong, to print at a small shop that I visited in 2016 and to whom I promised that I’d be back to print my book.

The Summit is for and about women’s change, choice and power! Jump into action to gain a powerful new attitude in business, leadership, love and life!

Share what you are doing to empower women in your world by texting the word WOMEN to 555-888 so that I may support you in empowering women around the world!

Here’s to one and all who may benefit from my life’s work!



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