Ask A Woman If She Feels Empowered In All Areas of Her Life… If She’s Honest She’ll Likely Say, “No!”


Ask a woman if she feels empowered in all areas of her life? If she’s honest she’ll likely say, “no!” Why is that? It’s my belief that the answer lies within self-limiting beliefs that have kept us from fully expressing our talents, intelligence and power. My intention to write this book is to help readers replace those self-limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs instead.

You’ve heard it said, “to do epic shit you need an epic belief in yourself!” That said, many of us, through no fault of our own, have a mindset that works against us. To transform the mind one must then control the mind. Yes, we all need to learn to practice control over our own mind (not the mind of others).

To use my new book, Breaking Through Your Own Glass Ceiling: Unlocking Your Full and Hidden Potential With Your Master Key, effectively it is fair to say that you will also need to keep an open mind and be willing to practice modalities (meditation, practice the power of presence, mantras, etc.) well until they work for you. Using one or more of the recommended modalities will drive the results that you desire. The key will be to practice each modality diligently.

In every chapter there’s a quote and stories that I hope you will embrace. Treat the quotes as mantras to use when you are triggered or about to enter into a situation or conversation when your empowerment will be tested. Train your brain to respond when you repeat the mantra or remember a particular story. Many of the stories are shared memories with other women’s souls who intersect mine and our quest to become master communicators, to speak pro-actively, to listen empathetically in ways that command respect and trust.

If you are a woman who has not owned your own home, has not had your own credit card, do not have or have not exercised your right to vote, or you don’t feel that you have a choice to stay or go in all of your personal or working relationships, then I invite you to dive deeper into this book to explore your belief system and embrace practices that enhance your inner power so that your voice can truly be heard and you come to feel empowered in all areas of your life.

How do I define empowerment? “Empowerment is about change, choice and power. It is the process of change by which individuals or groups with little or no power and ability make choices that affect their lives.” (Cheston & Kuhn)

In the words of Marian York (deceased, 2007): “Many women are still finding their voice and seeking the words that are right for them to fully express their talents, intelligence and power. Your words are your ambassadors, they open and shut doors as they tell others how to treat you and what to believe about you.” She often also said, “it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.”

Most people reading both the definition of empowerment presented here and Marian’s potent words of empowerment will agree that the conversation of empowerment is shared by both men and women, but that women bear the heavier load in living empowered lives.

Why do I believe we have the heavier load? Well, although the Sixty-Sixth Congress of the Unites States of America passed a joint resolution on June 4, 1919 and ratified on August 18, 1920 granting women the right to vote, many women around the world still cannot vote, still cannot own land, still cannot drive, still cannot own their own assets, still cannot raise their own children in their own way, still cannot decide their own sexual orientation, nor in many cases have their own bank account, and it kills me to know that even though I have these rights I have grown up in a world that still pays a woman less than a man.

There’s such and imbalance of power in our nation and around the world that the plight of women’s empowerment is likely not going to change for an estimated 100 more years. So for those reasons and more I believe that it’s time for women and the bold men who support them to rise up around the world to do whatever it takes to embrace women’s empowerment as a driver to change the globe. And, to the men who might read this book, I consider you bold and an ambassador for women and hope that you might also benefit from what I’m sharing. In any case, may we all see a benefit to the young women in our life so that their plight might be better than my mothers.

My best wish is that everyone reading embrace your true inner power to live an empowered life now and always. If you already feel empowered then I hope you will join me in mentoring women around the world who may benefit from learning what you have learned. Text the word WOMEN to 555-888 to stay in touch and share with us what you are doing to take action to empower women around the globe.



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